15 min
Price: 100 €prices starting from* (VAT included)
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Prices starting from €100!

A breathtaking experience allowing you to see historical, cultural and natural beauties of Istanbul from helicopter.

The price of this tour we have provided upon the great interest of our guests who desire to watch historical, cultural and natural beauties of Istanbul from sky is only € 100!

Discover the Only City Located on Two Continents, Istanbul!

During the tour, you can get one of the limited available seats and watch Istanbul, one of the most special cities of the world, and you can take photos and shoot videos while flying.

This delighted and entertaining tour prices are starting from €100 (VAT INCLUDED) which are on Sundays. Its route includes the Bosphorus, Historical Peninsula and the Golden Horn.


Click to see 3D seating arrangement of the helicopter.

Now You Can Purchase Your Desired Seat!

If you have been waiting to see and to take photos of Istanbul from the air for years, you should buy the seat next to the pilot. If you join the tour with your beloved ones, you should buy window seats; and if your budget is limited, the middle seats are suitable for you.

Hurry up to make a reservation for limited number of seats of the tour only available on weekends!

You can see near the Bosphorus (Anatolian Side):
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Anadolu Hisari, the Khedive's Summer Palace (Hidiv Kasri), Küçüksu Palace (Küçüksu Kasrı), Beylerbeyi Palace, Kuleli Military High School, Bosphorus Bridge, Uskudar, Maiden's Tower (Kız Kulesi), Selimiye Barracks, Haydarpasa Port, Haydarpaşa Train Station, Kadikoy, Fenerbahce Ş.Saraçoğlu Stadium, Kalamış, Fenerbahce Burnu

You can see near the Historical Peninsula (Tarihi Yarımada):
Suleymaniye Mosque, Beyazit Tower, Grand Bazaar, Hipodrom, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace.

You can see near the Golden Horn (Halic):
Galata Bridge, Church of the Pantocrator, Valens Aqueduct, Patriarchal Church of St. George (Fener Patriarchal), Fatih Mosque, Rahmi Koc Museum, Church of St Stephen of the Bulgars (Metal Kilise), Eyup Sultan, Pierre Loti Cafe, Feshane, Surlar (Sea Walls), Kariye Museum, Miniaturk.

You can see near the Bosphorus (European Side):
Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace, Inonu Stadium, Taksim Square, Ciragan Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Ortakoy Square and Mosque, Rumeli Hisari (Fortress of Europe), Bebek Cove, business centers in Levent and Maslak, Turk Telekom Arena Galatasaray Stadium.

What times are Istanbul Helicopter Tours?
The tours which are 15 minutes are only on Sundays. If helicopter is available, the tours which are 30 minutes and more minutes are everyday.

Can we fly everyday?
Flights are done at sunrise and sunset.
Flight time is arranged according to your request and our suitable conditions.

How can we reserve?
You can call us or send e-mail.
( ve 0534 598 64 29 0530 540 42 01 / 0530 540 42 00)

What time do we have to reserve?
We suggest that you have to reserve immediately when you decided to fly. Procedures must be completed for confirmation before flight.

What time can I pay fee of tour? How can I pay fee of tour?
You have to pay fee at least 2 days ago before your flight.

What is the capacity of helicopter ?
Agusta Westland AW 119 Helicopter is for six person.

Do payments change in the event of changing number of travellers ?
Payments are paid as hourly. Number of person is not important.

Can we pay fee of tour by installment?
Unfortunately, it is not possible.

What time do I have to be there for helicopter tour?
You have to get ready on Kaan Heliport 30 minutes ago before time of helicopter tour. We advice you that you should bear in mind heavy traffic of Istanbul so you should plan as that situation.

What happens If I do not arrive in time to fly?
If you don't arrive in time, Flights will continue normally. Kaan Air can postpone your flight time another time.

How can I go Kaan Heliport?
You firstly go Ayazaga and then look this Picture Follow that directions in picture. You will arrive in 5 minutes.

Are there discount for children or students?
There aren't.

What is the age limit for children?
There is no age limit but we don't advice that babies and children between the ages of 0-3 should not travel.

Do helicopters fly in rainy and snowy days?
If there is suitable ground visibility, they fly. If there is foggy weather and low ground visibility, they don't fly.

Do helicopters fly in windy days?
If gale force is under determinated limit by Civil Aviation Instution, we fly according to your request.

What happens If our flights are cancelled by the reason of bad weather conditions?
These flights are postponed to another time according to your acception and request.

Are there flights in nights?
Unfortunately, there are not.

Do you insure the travellers?
Yes, every travellers are insured.

Do you inform the travellers before flight?
We inform you about helicopter and route before flight.

Do pilots speak wtih us during the flight?
Yes, there will be headsets for you. You can speak wtih each other.

Are there overviews during the flights?
Pilots explain names of popular places.

Can I carry my digital camera and video camera with me?
Absolutely, you can shoot during the flight.

I want to pay by credit card


AKBANK TL ÇANKAYA TİCARİ ŞB. TR06 0004 6008 6488 8000 0907 89
AKBANK EUR ÇANKAYA TİCARİ ŞB. TR67 0004 6008 6403 6000 1141 97
AKBANK USD ÇANKAYA TİCARİ ŞB. TR87 0004 6008 6400 1000 0911 65
İŞBANKASI TL BAŞKENT KURUMSAL TR09 0006 4000 0014 3990 0206 89
İŞBANKASI EUR BAŞKENT KURUMSAL TR43 0006 4000 0024 3990 0155 13
İŞBANKASI USD BAŞKENT KURUMSAL TR53 0006 4000 0024 3990 0155 27
GARANTİ TL ÇUKURAMBAR TR93 0006 2001 1830 0006 2943 49
GARANTİ EUR ÇUKURAMBAR TR29 0006 2001 1830 0009 0794 01
GARANTİ USD ÇUKURAMBAR TR02 0006 2001 1830 0009 0794 02
VAKIFBANK TL TUNALI HİLMİ ŞB. TR07 0001 5001 5800 7302 2692 32
VAKIFBANK EUR TUNALI HİLMİ ŞB. TR63 0001 5001 5804 8015 5815 84
VAKIFBANK USD TUNALI HİLMİ ŞB. TR68 0001 5001 5804 8015 5815 91

Kaan Heliport
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Yeni Ayazağa Mezarlık Yolu Sonu
Ayazağa / Sarıyer / İstanbul
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15 min
Price: 100 €prices starting from* (VAT included)
Call us: 0530 540 42 00 0530 540 42 01
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